Built for E-commerce Stores, Affiliate Marketers and Agencies

Leverage Other People's Content to Build Massive Email Lists and Make Sales at the Same Time!

Overlay your custom message on other people's content, include a

call-to-action in every link you share.

Choose from several

conversion driven styles

Clixee gives you several ways to customize and shorten URLs with a variety of

call-to-actions you can seamlessly embed on articles and pages you share.

Shorten your links, track clicks, and add custom Call to Actions!

Full Screen

Your user must take action before they are directed to the source you are sharing.

Text or Button

Send your user anywhere you want them to go. A sales page. An affiliate offer. Anywhere.

Optin Form

Grow your list on steriods with the optin form snippet!

3rd Party Scripts

Use any 3rd party script on your Clixee link to do more with every click!

Custom Postion

Pick where you want your "Clix" to display on the page.

Custom URLs

Create a custom display URL that is branded to your domain

Custom Shortlinks

Create a custom display URL that is branded to your domain


Design and


Choose from a wide variety of themes and designs. Each design can be fully customized with your own color scheme and fonts to compliment or stand out from the web page your visitors are on.


Add 3rd Party


Make every link smart!

Add video

Use scripts like Video Ask, Cubeet, and others to add video to your Clix!

Add tracking

Use scripts from Web Visitors, Facebook, ad networks and other tracking platforms!

Add book a call

Add a calendly link to click to create a meeting with you right from your Clix!

Add anything

Add ANYTHING! Any script you can add to a website you can add to your Clix!

speaking of errors...

Let's take a look at some of our competitors

Retargeting and Tracking Codes

Add each visitor who engages with your "Clix" to retargeting platforms like Facebook, Google, Fetchback, Adroll and more. Create hyper targeted custom audiences and ads relevant to each "Clix" created. You can add as many third party tracking codes as you want. Track away!Sign Up Now

Viral Sharing

Add social sharing options onto any of your "Clix" to encourage sharing and engagement on papular social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Create a pre-populated message, that can help to control what people are sharing about your "Clix".

Pricing Plans

Unlimited Clicks on Every Account!

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